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How to clean your brushes with the SIXPLUS scrubbing pad?

Cleaning makeup brushes prevents the growth of bacteria inside the brushes and cleaning them once a week helps us to  protect our skin better. However, if you use traditional cleaning methods it will be a difficult process and you have to be very careful to avoid damaging your brushes, especially if you have a large brush collection, which can be a headache to clean.
SIXPLUS scrubbing pad is a good helper for you to solve this problem, using this small tool, only six parts you can get a brand new brush.

1. Fix the suction cup at the bottom of the scrubbing pad to the inside of the sink

2. Apply 1-3 pumps of your favorite brush cleaning agent directly to the wet brush or to the wash texture of SIXPLUS scrubbing pad .

3. Make circular movements on the SIXPLUS scrubbing pad. Using the correct brush according to the functional partition of the scrubbing pad will help you clean better!

Pro tip: When your brush starts making a lovely squeaking sound, it has been cleaned

4. Rinse under warm water and repeat steps 2 and 3 to get deep cleanse!

5. When you're done, you can use the SIXPLUS scrubbing pad as a squeegee to remove excess water

6. Turn your damp brushes upside down to dry. This is very important to protect your brushes. Drying your brushes upside down helps prevent moisture from entering or seeping into the brush bar, which can cause damage. We recommend our SIXPLUS drying rack product with a unique magnetic suction design to keep your brushes upside down.

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