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How to clean your beauty egg?

As a leader in the beauty brush industry, we have introduced a lot of knowledge about cleaning makeup brushes. The beauty egg,one of the classic makeup tools,it is also important to know how to clean it!

Regularly cleaning your beauty egg will effectively remove makeup residue from the sponge and prevent bacteria growth, while also enhancing your makeup look. Here are 5 steps to help you clean a beauty egg quickly!

  1.  Wet your beauty egg thoroughly
  2.  Next, use the cleaning solution to clean the egg and squeeze it several times to create a foam
  3.  Rinse with water
  4.  Repeat steps 1-4 until the squeezed water is no longer turbid
  5.  Dry it and put it in a drawer or cabinet
You're done! It's that easy! The next time you use beauty eggs for your makeup, just follow these quick and easy steps to clean them easily. We also recommend that you replace your beauty eggs every 3 months.
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