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How to choose the right tool for your foundation application?

If you are new to makeup:

Then a sponge or air cushion puff must be your best choice! Our beauty sponges or air cushion puffs are uniquely designed with cut or pointed corners to take care of details such as the sides of the nose, corners of the eyes and mouth to enhance the integrity of your makeup.

For liquid and moisturizing foundation products, it is recommended to use a wet/semi-dry egg or puff to apply makeup, which can reduce the amount of powder stuck while saving cosmetics; for cream or powder foundation products, a dry sponge or a puff can also create a good-looking makeup.

In addition, sponges have a variety of colors to choose from, you can choose the color of the sponge according to your personal preference, different colors of the sponges with your different mood every day, bringing more fun experience to your makeup process.


If you know some of the makeup techniques:

Choosing a foundation brush that suits your makeup application habits is your first step from entry-level  to advanced level!

(Round Foundation Brush) The round head foundation brush has a large brush head, but its curved shape can take good care of the sides of our nose, suitable for those who like to pat and draw circles to apply makeup. Our round head foundation brushes have large, tightly packed bristles which can reduce the brush marks and eliminate the need to use tools such as makeup balls to erase them. 

The Flat Head Foundation Brush is available in different brush types.

The small and flat platform-shaped foundation brush is suitable for cream foundation products, you can use the makeup brush to lay the foundation flat on your cheeks and forehead first, and then use a gentle circular motion to brush the foundation evenly, for this brush type, we recommend this foundation brush (F02 Royal Gold Foundation Brush), if you like the platform-shaped foundation brush, please do not miss it!

If you want to shorten the time of your foundation steps, then this large, fast foundation brush (F109 Large portable foundation brush) is a must-try brush. The angled handle is ergonomically designed, and the large brush head saves you a great deal of makeup time, making it the number one choice for a fast makeup application.

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