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How to choose the right loose powder brush for you?

Round loose powder brush: large bristles and not too soft, so it grips powder well and blends setting products and primers well together. (F31 Powder Brush)

Rotating and retractable portable loose powder brush: the brush head is also round and the brush can be rotated out like a lipstick, with a magnetic makeup brush cover, it is portable and at the same time well protected from dust. (F44 Portable Rotating Powder Brush)

Beveled loose powder brush: the brush head is large, with plenty of dense bristles. The beveled design also takes good care of details such as the nose and eye corners to prevent makeup from smudging and coming off in these areas. (F26 Angled powder brush)

The Firehead Loose Powder Brush: The Firehead is designed for sweeping powder and powder-type products over the face and neck, with a tapered tip for setting the details of the face. The brush head is not as large as the rounded brush head, but it is more suited to setting the details. (F14
 Multifunctional Powder Brush).

The F52 Mini Flame Head Multifunctional Powder Brush is a portable, flaming powder brush that is smaller and can be carried in your make-up bag with your powder for touch-ups on the go.

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