New Arrival

Multifunctional Makeup Sponge (Nude)

Material: hydrophilic polyurethane

Product Specifications: 42*60MM

Scope of application: liquid, cream, powder products can be applied.


This product is made of non-latex material, which will swollen with water and provide you the soft and elastic feeling.

The sponge could be used both wet and dry. The scientific design is designed to fit different facial areas, making the makeup process easier.

Slanted design: the flat side could be used for smoothing the foundation, such as the forehead, cheeks and chin area;

Precise pointed design: it is perfect for smoothing the foundation on small areas, such as the alae of the nose, the corner of the eye or mouth.

Cute water droplets design: because of the special shape, it could provide you a very comfortable feeling. The side can be used to give high gloss to the bridge of the nose. You just need to roll it back and forth gently;

It can also be used with a makeup brush. After you used the makeup brush to apply the foundation, please use sponge gently press on the face to make the makeup more docile.

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