"SIXPLUS" Origin: "The unique of your identity beyond the average person
(from Zhuangzi,Analects)

Meaning: spread good morality to the whole world


SIXPLUS launched in 2009. It is a global beauty and cosmetics accessories brand specializing in makeup tools such as brushes and sponges. Designed in New York and manufactured in Mainland China, we sell most of our products to Japan and the rest of Asia through well-established retail stores, as well as sell online globally mainly to Europe, the USA, and the Middle East. As a fast-growing company, we aspire to engage and excite our clients or audiences with creative products through constant technological innovation.

Kalen Cheng

Born in New York City, Kalen Cheng is an award-winning Chinese American creative director and digital marketing expert, specializing in advertising and branding, with many years of experience in creating fashion and beauty content. With a unique multimedia approach, Kalen combines graphic design with photography and film to help companies tell their stories and bring their brands to life in the digital world, connecting and engaging their audience in beautiful and compelling ways. With passion, vision, creativity and talent, Kalen collaborates with companies and entrepreneurs of all sizes to provide innovative, value-added branding solutions. A graduate of the prestigious Savannah College of Art and Design, Kalen has worked with a host of companies or clients, both in the United States and internationally; and has served some of the most recognized brands in fashion/beauty such as Ralph Lauren and Estee Lauder, as an in-house art director or a freelance creative.

Javier Maria

Based in New York City, Javier Maria is an experienced multimedia designer and art director specializing in branding and identity design with more than 11 years of experiences. Combining graphic design with other forms of art such as photography, Javier creates engaging design work that tells compelling stories in an incredibly artistic way. Over the years, Javier has served various established companies in the creative field including fashion event Vest and art/culture-focused Onto Magazine.


SIXPLUS Lifestyle company culture


Technology makes life more beautiful


Achieve goals by being customer-oriented and always innovativewith a positive,
minimalist and enthusiastic approach to life.


People-oriented, Follow the order of nature, Embarcingchange, Striving for excellence.


Major Events

In 2015, in order to better guarantee the confidentiality and quality of our products, we have established our own factory, and now we have a professional makeup tool manufacturing team and we have the support of a team of well-known American designers to design and produce more professional and high quality products which are released onto the beauty market.

In 2016, Wuhan SIXPLUS Beauty Makeup Co., Ltd. (“Wuhan SIXPLUS Beauty Makeup”), as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen SIXPLUS Beauty Makeup Co., Ltd. is established.The subsidiary is located in Zhongnan Road, Wuchang, adjacent to Wuhan University and Huazhong Normal University. It has a dual subway Zhongnan Road subway station. The establishment of the subsidiary will increase the pace of the company's development and achieve rapid development of business and talent education.

In 2016, a branch office was established in New York.

In 2017, a branch office was established in Japan.

In 2018, a branch office was establishedinKorea.


The establishment of companies and offices in various countries will increase the pace of the company's development and achieve rapid business development.

At the present, SIXPLUS has main retail sales platforms include Amazon,Wish, Lotte, Yahoo, Q100, Gmarket,11st, Shoppee and other multi-channel multinational cross-border e-commerce platforms. We have deep cooperation with well-known e-commerce companies such as Jollychic, SHEIN, and Globalegrow E-Commerce. More stores will be stationed

Talent Strategy


We have a group of young and energetic, highly qualified SIXPLUS team. There are more than 90% of the bachelor student in the company, including many outstanding overseas students, Masters, MBA graduates. SIXPLUS Company attaches great importance to the selection and training of talents.Employees have always been regarded as the company's greatest wealth because the competition in the industry is the competition of talents. Not only to provide you with a comprehensive learning training culture environment, competitive salary, user-friendly benefits, and a variety of team activities , We also provide the partner incentive system for outstanding talents and for returnees and well-known college talents bonus. Excellent talents can also get the company's car purchase and housing subsidies to ensure that outstanding talents achieve self-worth.

SXIPLUS sincerely look forward to the excellent you to join! Hope that people of all world of life join the SXIPLUS team!