Classic Series

11Pcs Royal Golden Makeup Brush Set

Bristle Material : premium synthetic hair

Handle Material: wooden handle

Ferrule Material: aluminum ferrule

Brush Size: 15-17.1cm


11pcs makeup brushes + makeup bag

Makeup Bag Material: PU leather

Makeup Bag Color: brown

Makeup Bag Size: 20.5cm*14cm*4cm


1.Powder brush, apply with powder, loose powder, powder cake, mainly used for fixing makeup

2.Foundation brush, apply with liquid foundation to base makeup, dip in the right amount of foundation liquid, can brush out a uniform natural base makeup.Apply appropriate amount of liquid foundation, can brush out even natural makeup

3.Professional blusher brush, suitable for blusher or powder products, smudge facial blusher, make blusher more natural

4.Small blush brush can also be used to make facial contour brush

5.Round head contour brush, suitable for creating the shadow of the face, make the contour lines more clear

6.Highlight brush, easily to apply products to eye or nose corner

7.Eye blender brush fused eyeshadow to create exquisite natural eye look

8.Eyeshadow brush is a makeup tool used to create eye makeup. It can even color and smudge eyeshadow

9.Small concealer brush, make a flawless appearance

10.Eyebrow brush, to have a stereo eyebrow effect with eyebrow powder

11.Small angled eye liner brush, apply with eyeliner, for glamorous big eyes

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Material: hydrophilic polyurethane