SIXPLUS Magnet Makeup Brush Stand (Black)

Product Model: 200199-2



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INNOVATIVE DESIGN CONCEPT. A magnet is inserted into contact face of silicone cap to magnetize the contact face. Set magnetic silicone cap on your makeup brush, it will be firmly fixed to the iron brush rack. Make brush air drying convenient and fun.

FITS OVER 98% OF CONVENTIONAL MAKEUP BRUSHES IN THE MARKET. Muti-sized silicone cap makes your choice rather easy, 6 pcs small cap- fits tiny eye brushes, 6 pcs large ones-fits larger face brushes.


CONSIDERATE BRUSH CARE. The magnetic cap, made of elastic silicone, can hold makeup brushes in place as they air dry without scratching the brush handles. Soft and lightweight, everyday storage for makeup brushes becomes so cool.

REMOVABLE METAL BRUSH RACK. Distinctive but still tasteful, the brush drying rack is made of iron instead of plastic. A non-slip silicone mat from the bottom not only can ensure the stability but also protect the rack bottom and avoid damaging contact surface.

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