SIXPLUS 15Pcs Coffee Makeup Brush Set

With Magnetic Makeup Holder GLAMOUR SERIES

Product Model: 102110

  • Unique Design: Designed by professional designers from New York, coffee and rose gold contributing to a style of elegance with a strong feeling of individuality.
  • Professional Brushes: The bristle is made of high quality synthetic hair, goat and horse hair, which is suitable for all skin types without irritation. Good for both beginners and makeup artists with highly specialized design and high quality materials.
  • Magnetic Makeup Brushes Holder: Smart holder makes it easier to open and close, super magnetic force ensures closing and opening effectively. It could be seperately used as two storages.
  • Pro Makeup Brushes: Total 15 pcs makeup brushes,which contains 5pcs face brushes, 9 pcs eye brushes and 1 pcs lip brush, perfect combination creates a charming makeup.
  • Life Time Guarantee: 100% satisfaction money back guarantee within 30 days, 6 month product warantee replacement if any problem accurs.
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The SIXPLUS makeup brush set contains 15pc brushes with face brushes, eye brushes and a lip brush, designed and manufactured professionally, aiming to achieve a natural, well blended and gorgeous makeup. 
【Material of Handles】Luxury Timber Handle + Aluminum Tube
【Material of Bristles】High Quality Animal Hair + Synthetic Hair
【Size of Brushes】15.8cm-19cm

Special Beauty For You 

  1. Powder brush, apply with natural compact powder products. The stronge ability of grasbing powder leaves a flawless finish.
  2. Contour brush, to create shadow or highlight in certain sections of the face to achieve a three-dimentional makeup.
  3. Multifunctional powder brush, which can be used for blush with a little pointed shape on the head, and it's also good for details, such as highlighting.
  4. Flat Top Foundation brush, suitable for liquid foundation. The silky soft works without obvious streaks and lines while applying liquid foundation.
  5. Small Blush Brush, can be used as a face contour brush as well.
  6. Big Eyeshadow Brush, high-end goat hair, for application of extensive area eyeshadow.
  7. Angled eyeshadow brush, pony hair, for eyeshadow and high-lighting of brow ridge.
  8. Nose Brush, synthetic hair, for shaping a straight and tall nose with highlight and shadow.
  9. Smudge Brush, high-end goat hair, making a natural and flawless appearance.
  10. Small Concealer Brush, synthetic hair, leave a flawless finish.


11. Detail Eyeshadow Brush, pony hair, for application of eyeshadow details. 

12. Medium Eyeshadow Brush, high-end goat hair, for smudge eyeshadow of eyelid.  

13. Smoky Eyeshadow Brush, high-end synthetic hair, for smoky eyeshadow application.

14. Lip Brush, high-end synthetic hair, for application of a charming lip.

15. Eyebrow Comb, nylon hair, for combing eyebrow and eyelashes.

Multi-functional Brush Holder

- The smart package with magnet ensures your easy storage.
- The elegant and delicated appearance of the box could be a nice decoration of your modern home.

Brush Care Tips

-Please keep the brushes clean to give you a gorgeous look and accurate finish.
- It is normal that goat hair brush may have a peculiar smell of animal, so please put it in a ventilated environment. The smell would disappear in 2 days.

-Maintenance: after use, please make it clean and dry, which can provide a better cosmetic effect.

OUR LIFETIME GUARANTEE: We devote into providing satisfactory products and service, if you are unsatisfied with our makeup brush set after receiving it within 30 days, we will provide unconditional 100% refund for you

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