SIXPLUS 7Pcs Coffee Makeup Brush Set


Product Model: 102112

  • Professional Animal Hair and Synthetic Eye Brush - Suitable for application, coloring and mixing products. This basic eye suit is suitable for all eye makeup tools. When they arrive in your area, you will like this item, this basic makeup brush includes eye shadow brush, eyeliner, eyeliner and mixed brush.
  • Essential Eye Brushes to Create Your Eyes Style - It will make you look very beautiful every day, this eye makeup brush is a soft high-quality artificial brush and easy to hold the classic wooden handle to complete. You will get a full set of "eye" brushes, even easy for beginners to use.
  • All The Eye Brushes Are Handmade -After testing, we selected a high-quality eye makeup brush to achieve the desired results. These soft makeup brushes are easy to clean and they dry off fast. And they have a strong ability to grasp powder or liquid and distribute them evenly.
  • Reasonable Price - Designed by makeup artist and recommended to beginners. Use these magical eyes to brush to meet your expectations. These eye makeup brushes are great for daily eye makeup.
  • Life Time Guarantee - 100% satisfaction money back guarantee within 30 days, 6 month product warantee replacement if any problem accurs.
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SIXPLUS - Make Beauty Easier

  1. Smudge Brush,best-selected goat hair, for highlighting smudge makeup of nose and eyes
  2. Angled Eyeshadow Brush, best-selected goat hair,the angle of brush is easy for the smudge makeup of the eye
  3. Medium Eyeshadow Brush, best-selected goat hair,for applying eyeshadow
  4. Angled Highlighting Brush, horse hair, for applying smudge makeup of the nose
  5. Smoky Eyeshadow Brush for applying makeup on canthus, lower part of the eyeshadow and smudge eye-lining
  6. Pencil Brush, best-selected goat hair, for details of the eyeshadow
  7. Angled Eyeliner Brush,synthetic hair, for applying eyeliner


A great set for daily makeup uses and for travelling as well.

After use, please wash the brushes with warm water and air dry them.
A well-kept set of brushes will ensure you a better makeup look when applying makeup.
Package includes:7 pcs brushes + leather brush bag + booklet

OUR LIFETIME GUARANTEE: We devote into providing satisfactory products and service, if you are unsatisfied with our makeup brush set after receiving it within 30 days, we will provide unconditional 100% refund for you

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