SIXPLUS Rounded Foundation Makeup Brush-Unique

SIXPLUS Foundation Brush

Product Model: 200079

1. Creative brush handle, more comfortable with ergonomic design.
2. Bristle with a diameter of 32mm can cover a large area of skin and apply makeup fast.

3. Very fine antibacterial short fiber hair helps apply even makeup on every pore and make a flawless finish.

4. After the makeup is completed, you can also press with the SIXPLUS sponge puff to make it perfect.
5. Dumb black dyed wood, not easy to scratch.
6. The total length of the product is 130 mm, convenient for carriage.

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Material of HandlesLuxury Timber Handle + Aluminum Ferrule 

Material of BristlesHigh Quality Synthetic Hair


Size of Brushes13.3cm

  • The makeup brush handle is designed based on human engineering design, and it would be more comfortable to use when applying makeup.
  • With the short antibacterial brush hair, the foundation brush can not only not only apply your foundation makeup so well but also to fit your every pore of your face and make a thin and flawless finish.


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