SIXPLUS 15Pcs Pink Makeup Brush Set-ROMANTIC

SIXPLUS 15Pcs Pink Makeup Brush Set

Product Model: 102191

  • Professional Makeup Brush Set: SIXPLUS 15Pcs pink makeup brush set is all handmade with high-quality synthetical hair and animal hair. The brushes are soft, fluffy and easy to use.
  • Elegant Eye Makeup: This makeup brush set comes with 5-piece eye makeup brushes, large eyeshadow brush, middle eyeshadow brush, angled eyeshadow brush, blending brush and detailed eyeshadow brush, aiming for an elegant and neat eye makeup.
  • Makeup Brush Set Available: We have all the makeup brushes necessary for everyday makeup. Among them, the elliptical powder brush fits perfectly to your face. Also, you can easily make a flawless finish by using the two types of foundation brushes.
  • Designed Magnet Makeup Brush Storage: The top and bottom lids are equipped with magnets, which can be easily opened and closed. Besides that, with a large capacity, you can put it into about 20-35 makeup brushes.
  • Life Time Guarantee: 100% satisfaction money back guarantee within 30 days, 6 month product warantee replacement if any problem accurs.


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The SIXPLUS makeup brush set contains 15pc brushes with face brushes, eye brushes and a lip brush, designed and manufactured professionally, aiming to achieve a natural, well blended and gorgeous makeup. 
【Material of Handles】Luxury Timber Handle + Aluminum Tube
【Material of Bristles】High Quality Animal Hair + Synthetic Hair
【Size of Brushes】15.8cm-19cm

Special Beauty For You

  1. Powder brush, synthetic hair, apply with powder products.
  2. Flat foundation brush, synthetic hair, make a flawless foundation.
  3. Oval blush brush, synthetic hair, apply with blush.
  4. Flat contour brush, synthetic hair, apply with face shadows or highlights to create a 3D makeup.
  5. Tongue foundation brush, synthetic hair, apply with foundation and mask as well.
  6. Big eyeshadow brush, synthetic hair, apply with large-area eyeshadow.
  7. Medium eyeshadow brush, synthetic hair, for eyeshadow makeup and fused eyeshadow.
  8. Angled eyeshadow brush, pony hair, apply with eyeshadow makeup and brighten brow ridge.
  9. Eye blender brush, synthetic hair, apply with fused eyeshadow and nose shadow.
  10. Detail eyeshadow brush, pony hair, apply with eyeshadow details.








11. Small concealer brush, synthetic hair, apply with concealing details.

12. Lip brush, synthetic hair, apply with lip shape.

13. Angled eyebrow brush, synthetic hair, apply with eyebrow shape.

14. Spoolie brush, synthetic hair, apply with combing the eyebrow shape.

15. Stainless steel eyebrow comb, apply with combing the eyebrow and eyelashes to avoid clumps.

Multi-functional Brush Holder

- The smart package with magnet ensures your easy storage.
- The elegant and delicated appearance of the box could be a nice decoration of your modern home.

Brush Care Tips

-Please keep the brushes clean to give you a gorgeous look and accurate finish.
- It is normal that goat hair brush may have a peculiar smell of animal, so please put it in a ventilated environment. The smell would disappear in 2 days.

-Maintenance: after use, please make it clean and dry, which can provide a better cosmetic effect.

OUR LIFETIME GUARANTEE: We devote into providing satisfactory products and service, if you are unsatisfied with our makeup brush set after receiving it within 30 days, we will provide unconditional 100% refund for you




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