11 Royal Golden Brush Set Impression

First impressions |

When first unboxed these brushes they came in a black case, which is always a nice touch as it’s such a nice way to store your brushes when travelling. Switching out these brushes in the case for daily ones and they fit perfectly! When opening the case with the little zipper, the case opens up in two where one side contains 4 face brushes and the other has a face brush and 5 eye brushes. For a set this is an ideal amount if you are just starting out in makeup and want a set that will do it all. However, if you are an obsessive beauty lover and now blogger, there are a couple that you feel could, for example a fan brush for when applying highlighter!

The handles are slightly shorter in length in comparison to some other brands of brushes that I have, but the idea of them being slightly shorter than normal is really fantastic! The overall image of these brushes are so instagrammable with the matte black handles, gold writing and golden metal ring around the top of the brushes. So you wouldn’t be surprised to see them all over Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram! The bristles on each of these brushes, especially the face brushes, are SO soft so running them across my arm felt amazing, so everyone’s expectation for makeup application was set at a pretty high level.

Application |

When first applied makeup using these brushes, everybody will be pretty impressed! Using the foundation brush to apply sheer glow foundation and it blended it out a dream! So much so that you only needed one layer of the foundation as it dispersed the product evenly, without soaking it up and wasting it,which is awesome! Using the small blush brush to blend out concealer in Almond and then again to apply powder that is a couple of shades darker for a more subtle bronzed look. The little angle in the brush was perfect for using it as contour brush.And then for blush use the round shape contour brush as it was ideal for applying product to your cheeks! Another brush which really stood out from this set was the highlighter brush! It is the perfect size for picking up the product from paint pot in soft ochre, as well as blending out concealer!

Cleaning |

These brushes did clean up really well when I spot cleaned them, no shedding, just clean them with baby shampoo, and then wash them with water, it is really easy