ISABELLA PHANTOM 9 PCS Shining Ferrule Black Makeup Brush Set


Product Model: 102102

Material: wood handle + aluminum ferrule + artificial hair

Color: Black gold color + white

Unique design: 4 of the thick brush can stand on the table

Maintenance: Please use after use, it can give a better cosmetic effect to clean and dry.

Package Included: 9 Brushes + Leather Brush Bag

Powder brush & contour brush applies to powdered products

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High quality: ISABELLA's PHANTOM brush is best synthesized and handcrafted, brush's hair like silky soft, resilient all of our brushes are environmentally protected and will not hurt any animals. .

Professional Makeup Bag: It's easy to carry them out somewhere for travel and storage, such as foundation, mascara, lipstick, even for other tools of memory like your cell phone, Convenient, use all the brushes of one bag, high quality smooth leather, it ISN to. Only brush pouch ton, can also manage your daily life


Professional makeup brush: ISABELLA's PHANTOM brush has a powerful ability to catch powder, long-lasting, satisfied for powder, foundation, blusher, contour, eye shadow, eyeliner brush, everyday makeup, Include you more beautiful and more confident

Special design: golden handle with black leather pouch and white hair It is unique to make it perfectly, unlike other brushes, 4 of the thicker brushes each our brush is the best You will be able to stand on a table designed to provide makeup effects.

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